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My name is Mike, and ever since I was small, I have loved making celebratory signs. I was always the kid with the 'welcome home' or 'happy birthday' sign at my house, and as soon as my parents bought our first computer, I started making signs using software programming. I followed that path later in life and have helped many friends design their signs. I love special occasion signs in particular. If you own a business, are planning a party, or have a special event coming up, please explore this space. It has everything you ever wanted to know about signs and hopefully more!


Party Signs, Decorations and Special Event Banners

Why You Need Channel Letter Signs for Your Business

by Charlotte Harvey

Signage is extremely essential to your business in terms of helping you advertise your brand to potential customers. There are multiple types of business signage that business owners can choose from. However, the specific type of signage you pick for your business has a great impact on how effective your advertising will be. Channel letters are among some of the most sought after types of signage by business owners. By investing in these signs, you stand to gain these benefits.

High Durability

You want your signage to promote your brand and you want it to do this for years down the line. The letter frames in channel letter signs are usually made of durable aluminium. This material will stand up to strong winds, ice, sleet, rain, snow, sun, and other elements. Your aluminium channel letter signs also won't corrode easily. All these make the signage a durable option to consider for your business.

Ease of Handling

Handling the channel letters during both installation and uninstallation is relatively easy. This is because generally, aluminium is a lightweight material. The ease of handling this material oftentimes translates to relatively lower installation costs.

Excellent Visibility

Another outstanding feature about channel letter signs is that they are highly visible. You want your potential customers to be able to see your sign with relative ease. The three-dimensional design of channel letter signs makes them stand out. What's more, you can add illumination to your channel letter signs to enhance their visibility. The best way to do this would be to incorporate LED lighting into the channel letters. LEDs are usually highly visible too both at night and in broad daylight. They are also durable, energy efficient, and easy to maintain.

High Degree of Versatility

The way a signage is installed can also affect how functional it will be particularly in terms of how it stands out. There are usually two distinct ways channel letter signs can be mounted. The letters can be flush mounted directly on the side of your building. Raceway mounting is the other common way these signs can be installed on your building. With this mounting option, a box, usually in the shape of the back of the sign, is installed on your building first before the letters are attached. This is usually ideal when you need to illuminate the signage so the raceway serves to hold the electrical components such as the wiring.