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Party Signs, Decorations and Special Event Banners

The Growth of Digital LED Signs

by Charlotte Harvey

Digital signage is rapidly becoming the new norm for what had traditionally been paper-based advertising and is also taking products and services into new markets that previously weren't available.

The sheer scale of what is available by way of digital LED signs, and their potential versatility, has created enormous potential in the different ways that any target audience can be reached.

What has also become apparent is that there is a significant market of products available, and it is a good idea to carefully research the various digital LED signs available and to assess their usage on a long-term basis.


There are basically three types of digital LED signs: those that can be used indoors or that can be used outdoors, and those that can be used on a mobile basis.

There are many companies that custom make the signs, dependent on the needs of the business or organisation, and each of these areas has a fairly unique need.

Indoor LED signs are perhaps more commonly thought of as simply TV screens, whereas in fact they can be any size shape or colour and can easily be custom-made to suit any environment.

Outdoor LED signage needs to be weatherproof, reliable and durable. These types of digital LED signs are often used in very testing weather conditions and are often very focused in their use, such as traffic management and road safety schemes.

Outdoor LED signage is also used in a wide range of commercial advertising and public information broadcasting, sales promotions and a number of sporting events.

The same factors need to be applied to any type of mobile LED screen, as they are often used as part of a wider information process in conjunction with outdoor LED signage as mentioned above.

Programmable LED signs

One of the most critical advantages of a digital LED sign is that it can be programmed and can generate a wide variety of different messages almost in an instant.

As opposed to a more traditional form of advertising where the message is normally fairly static, a programmable LED sign allows complete variance in the message.

This can be suited to a type of advertising campaign where different elements of the message need to be changed, maybe offering different daily bargains.

Programming a screen also allows the client to have scrolling message bars, which can reinforce the primary message that is contained within the screen itself.

Many areas of government, both national and local, have strict guidelines in place concerning the construction and usage of digital signage that need to be conformed with.

Design and Installation

With such a wide range of digital LED screens available, care should be taken to research who is the best fit in terms of the supplier and type of screen wanted.

Most companies that offer signage solutions are very focused on the ability to design and install custom-made screens of varying shapes and sizes depending upon the needs of the client.

It is a good idea to see practical examples of any company's current products. The broader the reach that the company has, the more likely they are to be able to design something that specifically meets the needs of the client.

Many companies have sign solutions that can be used indoors and outdoors, in restaurants, in retail stores, on billboards, by churches and religious organisations or as digital menu boards and digital kiosks.


Given that most digital signage is customised to a client's needs, it is a very good idea to get alternative quotes from different companies.

Most companies will offer three different options: that of an outright sale, a sign rental or, in some cases, some type of leasing agreement.

Some companies will offer rental or leasing with the option to buy the signage once a customer is happy with how it works.

Renting or leasing gives people a cheaper way in and may be the best option for someone starting out to explore how digital signage can help their business or organisation.